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Why does my child need a sport physical this fall?

Each year, millions of children head back to school during the fall in order to participate in a wide variety of sports, extracurricular activities, and other physical programs. In order to participate, your child will need an updated sport physical.

This fall, if your child is likely to play in common fall sports like football, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, or any other type of program they will need to first get their physical. The physical can sometimes take a little bit of time to schedule, but there are other types of walk-in clinic options that can make it a little bit easier!

However, it is imperative that parents understand sports physicals are non-negotiable by most school boards, scholastic leagues, and private recreation programs. By law, children must provide a new physical each year to ensure they are safe and healthy to engage in sports.

But what are some of the other benefits and needs that a sport physical provides your child?

Sports physicals provides a comprehensive health review for your child

A sport physical will include reviewing your child’s entire health overview to determine if they are ready to participate in certain physical activities. Medical providers will likely check a wide variety of health concerns that impact your child both on and off the field.

For example, an urgent care provider will check vaccination records that are required for both school enrollment as well as physical participation. Parents are encouraged to coordinate with their provider to see if they can help get their child any other types of medical services.

Additionally, a sports physical will review your child’s height, weight, blood pressure, hearing, vision, and other important biometric readings for your child. A sports physical is essentially a mini annual checkup that provides an immediate update on your child’s overall health.

Determine the status of pre-existing conditions or health concerns

A sports physical is the perfect time to review your child’s pre-existing conditions, which include newly developed issues or long-standing issues.

If your child suffers from asthma, allergies, or any other chronic conditions, don’t forget to get their prescriptions refilled before you take your child in for their physical. This way, your medical provider can determine if your kid is controlling any long-term medical conditions. Most children that have pre-existing conditions are very likely to engage in recreational programs if they demonstrate effective control.

Only in extreme cases will a sports physical determine that a serious condition or medical event will impact your child from participating in school sports.

Sports physicals can help your child stay safe on the field and off it!

Sports physicals also allow medical providers to teach safe training and exercise tips to your child. They will tell them how to stretch and prepare before exercise and use proper form during each activity. If your child is attending a special sporting activity, be sure to let the examiner know! Encourage your child to share any tips they learn with teammates during the season.

Getting a sport physical is as easy as making a trip to an urgent care or walk-in clinic. It doesn’t take long at all and most insurance plans will even cover the basic cost of the sport physical!

Get your child a sport physical at AFC Urgent Care Denver Speer

Parents that have children living in Speer, Baker, or Alamo Placita CO can get their sports physical completed ASAP at AFC Urgent Care Denver Speer!

A sports physical at our Denver Speer location allows parents to get the care they need for their child right in their own neighborhood. And like our other locations, we offer the lowest possible rate for care and allow patients to get care in a simple walk-in visit!

Your child’s sports seasons are a time to cherish. As they learn to be cooperative, healthy, and fit while having fun, it all starts with getting a sports physicals. At AFC Denver Speer, we make so your child doesn’t experience any major delay in their physicals.

If you have any questions about urgent care options at AFC Denver Speer, please contact us immediately at (303) 733 – 4000 or simply visit us at our address: 777 E Speer Blvd. ; Denver, CO 80203!

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