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Drive-up COVID 19 testing available at all locations by appointment only. 

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Urgent Care at Denver Leetsdale

Urgent Care and COVID-19 Testing in Denver Leetsdale

AFC Urgent Care Denver Speer now available for walk-in clinic urgent care care access for local patients in Denver Leetsdale, Virginia Village, Hilltop, and Lowry, CO

Denver | Leetsdale, CO

850 S Monaco Pkwy, Suite 10
Denver, CO 80224

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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AFC Urgent Care Denver Leetsdale

Our Denver Leetsdale urgent care center and walk-in clinic is conveniently located between Leetsdale Dr and St. Monaco Parkway for patients located near Virginia Village, Glendale, Hilltop, and Lowry, CO. Patients can access our walk-in clinic seven days a week whenever they need urgent care such as injury treatment, STD testing, x-rays, flu shots, seasonal care, DOT physicals, and school physicals for their children. 

AFC Urgent Care Denver Leetsdale is one of the newer AFC Denver locations to offer the flexibility of setting an appointment to fit your schedule. Walk in to get care, plan your appointments, or do whatever you need in order to get the medical care you require. 

AFC Urgent Care Leetsdale is here to ensure you get the most accessible and convenient urgent care near you! 

Our Services

Urgent Care
Primary Care
Drug Testing
Occupational Medicine
Flu Shots
STD Testing
On-Site Labs
Sports Physicals
DOT Physicals

Directions to AFC Urgent Care Denver Leetsdale

AFC Urgent Care Leetsdale aims to provide friendly and family-focused urgent care and walk-in clinic to multiple communities around the immediate Leetsdale, Glendale, and Virginia Village neighborhoods. 

AFC Urgent Care Denver Leetsdale serves families and patients located in Washington Virginia Vale, Hilltop, Lowry, Windsor, Indian Creek, Goldsmith, Virginia Village, and Glendale CO

If you reside in these areas or are passing through, AFC Urgent Care has a convenient walk-in clinic for a variety of medical services. 

If you require more detailed directions, please use the buttons and the map to speak to an AFC Urgent Care Team member ASAP, or get directions immediately! 

Directions to our Walk-In Clinic from Virginia Village, CO

Directions to Denver Walk-In Clinic from Virginia Vale, CO

Directions to our Walk-In Clinic from Hilltop, CO

Directions to Denver Walk-In Clinic from Lowry, CO

Explore our other urgent care services at AFC Urgent Care denver locations:

Urgent Care Center

Urgent care is a form of walk-in clinic that provides near ambulatory care to patients of all ages. Urgent care is an essential alternative to emergency care for any patient that has a sudden, but non-emergency, medical need. 

Urgent care services include a mix of medical treatments, triage, preventive care, and diagnostic medical procedures. For example, an urgent care center can provide x-rays and imaging services so you’ll never need to wait in an emergency room.  However, urgent care also provides a vast array of common medical services for patients: 

Learn more about the services provided by our dedicated urgent care providers!

Walk-In Clinic

A walk-in clinic by its most basic definition is a category of medical facilities that accepts patients without the need for an appointment. As the name suggests, patients just walk-in to the clinic in order to receive treatment. 

A walk-in clinic usually provides services on a first-come, first-serve basis for immediate medical needs that aren’t qualified as medical emergencies. The main goal of a walk-in clinic is to provide a faster and more cost-effective alternative to the doctor’s office and the emergency room. 

Check out more on our walk-in clinic page for more information:

Flu Shots

Flu season doesn’t mean you or your family members have to feel crummy. Avoid getting seasonal influenza at any AFC Urgent Care Denver walk-in clinic. We have flu vaccines in stock and available immediately—no appointment necessary.

Patients above the age of six months old should get a flu shot as soon as possible and right before flu season begins. Without the flu shot you and members of your family will likely get sick, experience irritating symptoms, and missed commitments including school and work.

If you need a flu shot ASAP, please check-in to your nearest AFC Urgent Care Denver facility whenever possible. If patients need to learn more about the flu, how it impacts communities, and how to prevent it, please keep reading: