Now offering Rapid RSV testing at all our Urgent Care locations. Call for details.
Now offering COVID-19 and Flu A&B testing ALL-IN-ONE swab at all our locations. Same day PCR testing available at additional cost.
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COVID-19 Testing in Denver Five Points

DRIVE UP COVID-19 Testing in Denver Five Points, CO


AFC Urgent Care Denver Five Points is providing COVID-19 Testing for local patients in Curtis Park, Whittier, Five Points, and North Denver, CO. Book an appointment to get testing right away.

FIve Points COVID-19 ONLY

3177 Downing Street
Denver, CO 80205

Monday - Sunday Closed under construction

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AFC Urgent Care Denver Five Points

Our Denver Five Points urgent care center, currently doing ONLY COVID-19 testing is conveniently located on N Downing Street in Denver, CO. Patients can access our services Monday – Friday 8am to 6pm. We offer Rapid COVID-19 testing and other COVID-related care services.

AFC Urgent Care Denver Five Points is the latest AFC Denver location to offer the flexibility of setting an appointment to fit your schedule. 

AFC Urgent Care Denver Five Points is here to ensure you get the most accessible and convenient urgent care near you! 

Directions to AFC Urgent Care Five Points

How to Get to COVID-19 Testing near Denver Five Points

AFC Urgent Care Denver Five Points  aims to provide friendly and family-focused urgent care and walk-in clinic to multiple communities around our COVID-19 testing clinic. 

If you require more detailed directions, use the link below to locate us on the map or consult with the step-by-step directions below: 

Directions to our Walk-In Clinic from Denver Five Points, CO

Directions to Denver Walk-In Clinic from North Denver, CO

Directions to Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic from Curits Park, CO

Directions to AFC Urgent Care Denver from Whittier, CO

Explore our other urgent care services at AFC Urgent Care denver locations:

COVID-19 Testing

AFC Urgent Care is doing everything to help our local communities combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team continues to spread awareness and inform our communities, as well as making sure everyone can get medical care during this challenging time.

That is why COVID-19 testing is available at our AFC Urgent Care locations! Fast, sanitary, and affordable testing is key for helping to identify cases, promote quarantine, and ensure patients have the confidence to understand if they have the virus. 

Consult our COVID-19 testing FAQs for more information! 

Drive Up Medical Care

AFC Urgent Care also provides Drive Up Urgent Care visits and curbside care for our patients to ensure they have a clean, sanitary, and safe medical option during a major pandemic. AFC Urgent Care allows patients that have difficulty traveling or need a more flexible and sanitary option for healthcare. Our Drive Up Urgent Care procedures ensure that patients remain healthy and maintain safe distances under pandemic conditions. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact patients’ ability to travel freely, our providers do everything to provide care without compromising the spread of germs that cause the virus. Our urgent care providers can triage, check-in, and confirm your medical needs via iPad to efficiently provide urgent care right beside your car.

Consult our FAQs and Drive Up Medical Care page for more information! 

Telemedicine Urgent Care

AFC Urgent Care providers can now administer treatment for patients using telemedicine! Unlike traditional medical facilities, the AFC team providers don’t outsource virtual visits to a third-party team. Instead, the providers you know and trust provide telemedicine for a variety of urgent care needs such as illness treatment, eye and ear infections, sinus infections, and other urgent care needs. 

Learn more about the services provided by telemedicine, what is and isn’t appropriate for telemedicine care, and how you can get medical care from the convenience of your home!