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Now offering COVID-19 and Flu A&B testing ALL-IN-ONE swab at all our locations. Same day PCR testing available at additional cost.
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A Trusted COVID-19 Testing Partner with Hawaii

The State of Hawaii has introduced a new COVID testing partnership with AFC Urgent Care and AFC Urgent Care Denver locations as one of the only accepted testing providers for travelers. Starting on November 24th, patients must visit a Trusted Travel Partner in order to travel to Hawaii and avoid a 14-day quarantine. 

AFC Urgent Care Denver is honored to be accepted as a new testing partner with the state. Our provider team’s commitment to excellence ensures that all patients are seen as quickly as possible with accurate and affordable testing options. If you need to book testing or have additional questions, use the buttons above to get started. Patients that want to know more about the Trusted Travel Testing partnership can continue reading below: 

Accessible COVID-19 Testing in Denver, CO and Aurora, CO

AFC Urgent Care Denver is now offering COVID-19 swab testing and rapid COVID-19 testing to provide patients who have recently exhibited symptoms of the novel coronavirus and are in need of an accurate diagnosis. Our urgent care center is offering a rapid swab test that takes moments to perform and detects the active virus in mere minutes.

Our clinic’s ability to provide COVID-19 testing with as much ease and accessibility as possible earned its status as a Trusted Travel Testing partner with Hawaii, a leader in COVID-19 prevention and epidemiologic expertise. 


Travel to Hawaii with the least amount of hurdles: Get tested and go!

AFC Urgent Care Denver locations are some of the only tests where patients can go to Hawaii, for work or leisure without needing to quarantine for 14 days. 

The Hawaiian state government explains that only trusted testing partners of both private and public healthcare organizations allow rapid tests and travel clearance without mandatory quarantine. Patients that receive a negative test at any of the following locations can freely travel to Hawaii, per state guidelines: 

  • AFC Urgent Care Denver Cherry Creek 
  • AFC Urgent Care Denver Highlands 
  • AFC Urgent Care Denver Speer 
  • AFC Urgent Care Denver Park Hill 
  • AFC Urgent Care Denver Leetsdale

The Trusted Travel Testing Partnership

AFC Urgent Care has been awarded the distinction as a COVID-19 testing partner with Hawaii. Local urgent care centers that offer COVID-19 testing are likely to meet these requirements for testing, but it always helps to check first. 

If you need to find a specific location in Denver, or help a family member in another state, use the button below to search the approved directory for Hawaii testing partners: