COVID Pre-Travel testing, such as for HAWAII, available with next business day results.
COVID Rapid testing and COVID Saliva* Testing available.

*Saliva test requires patient not eat or drink anything 30 minutes prior to sample collection.
*Also, asks that you do not use mouthwash, chewing gum, tobacco products or nasal sprays 30 minutes prior to sample collection to ensure accuracy of results.

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Tips For Improving Memory


By Dr. Mark Siemer, MD


-Attend to ONE task at a time and avoid external distractions.

-Simplify information and remember them one-by-one, or one step at a time; like making cookies.

-Categorize information.  Like shopping in the produce section; what do I need from this part of the store?

-Rehearse and practice repeatedly.  Set a time every day, like you would for exercise.  This is my time to get to work on my memory…..cross word puzzles, Sudoku puzzles, playing bridge with friends, etc.

-Be quiet and observe the special features.  Visualization training. Calm the body.

-Exercise daily.  I call this “Be the golden retriever.”  Free the mind by repeating the body movements.

-Preserve the senses.  Large print to read, if needed.  Wear the hearing aid.  Get the cataract surgery, if needed.

-Develop strategies or memory aids, such as: large calendars, make check lists, use colorful labels, etc.

-MOST OF ALL, be proud and confident and have a positive attitude.  “I will maintain good memory.”

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