ANTIBODY TESTING available at CHERRY CREEK, HIGHLANDS, and PARK HILL locations. FREE with a doctor’s visit.
Pre-travel testing for the state of Hawaii is available with NEXT DAY results at ALL of our locations while supplies last.
Walk-ins and Telemedicine visits accepted at all urgent car for non-COVID visits.

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What Should I Know About Coronavirus?

The nCov19 coronavirus is one of the most talked-about public health concerns in recent memory. Here is what you should know about the virus, your risks, and other key info from public health officials.

family has flu symptoms like sneezing during flu season

Differences Between the Flu and the Common Cold

Cold and flu season is upon us and for nearly 20% of the American population, that means an onset of some very unpleasant symptoms. The cold and the flu both present very similar symptoms so it can be hard to tell them apart. Despite having common symptoms, the cold and flu should be treated very …

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Top Three Most Common Allergies in the U.S

As we mentioned in our last blog, individuals with seasonal allergies should create an allergy action plan to help manage symptoms and avoid specific allergy triggers. An effective allergy action plan is tailored to the unique healthcare needs of a patient and when they are likely to experience an allergic reaction. However, it helps for …

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