COVID Pre-Travel testing, such as for HAWAII, available with next business day results.
COVID Rapid testing and COVID Saliva* Testing available.

*Saliva test requires patient not eat or drink anything 30 minutes prior to sample collection.
*Also, asks that you do not use mouthwash, chewing gum, tobacco products or nasal sprays 30 minutes prior to sample collection to ensure accuracy of results.

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Are You Ready To Go Back To Work?

In spite of being hit by COVID-19, most workers who are recovering resume full-time hourly work quickly. Organizations are suffering from the severe effects of the pandemic on their economies. However, an employee’s return to full-time work without proper sanction and procedure can lead to many risks for the worker’s health. Additionally, it could lead …

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How to Rehab School Sports Injuries

Most schools in the United States plan to resume in-person learning this fall. With this, we can also assume that school sports will also resume for the first since the outbreak of Coronavirus 2019.  Student athletes have had a long break from organized athletic programs. Many children, much like their adult counterparts, are not as …

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