Fast and reliable X-Ray results.

It used to be that a long wait at an emergency room was the only way you got X-Rays to see if you had a broken bone. Now AFC Urgent Care Denver has arrived, providing you with a faster and cheaper alternative to an ER visit.  Our on site digital X-Ray equipment allow us to quickly determine the severity of your injury.

Is it just a sprain, or did it break?   That is a question that gets asked all the time.  Now you have a quick, and inexpensive, opportunity to provide you with the comfort of knowing how to treat your injury.  No more playing “wait and see.”  Or going through the painful ER process.

Our equipment is ready to handle all of your broken bone concerns.

Here at AFC Urgent Care Denver-Cherry Creek there is no appointment necessary to be seen and we are available for you from 8a.m.-8p.m. Monday through Friday and 8a.m.-6p.m. Saturday and Sunday. So when you or a family member have suffered an injury and you want immediate service to determine the severity of the injury and what treatment is necessary our friendly staff is pleased to care for you.

Our facility, which is equipped with a state of the art X-Ray machine, not only provides interpretations of the x-rays during your visit and copies of the images taken at no additional cost to you, but also sends all images to the off-site Radiologists. These Radiologists will review all images and also prepare a specialized report of any findings. This report can be provided for you at your request. Here at AFC Urgent Care Denver we can take X-Rays of the following:

-Finger                                      -Toe                                             -Sacrum/Coccyx                                   -Nasal Bones

-Wrist                                        -Foot                                           -Lumbar Spine                                       -Facial Bones

-Hand                                        -Ankle                                         -Thoracic Spine                                     -Head/Skull

-Forearm                                  -Tibia/Fibula                                 -Cervical Spine

-Elbow                                       -Knee                                           -Abdomen

-Humerus                                 -Femur                                           -Chest

-Shoulder                                -Hip

-Clavicle                                  -Pelvis

Our staff physicians have vast experience in the urgent care setting, however, if your situation requires further treatment, such as surgery, you will be referred to reputable and qualified area specialists.

Should you have any questions please call us at 303-692-8000 and one of our friendly staff members will be glad to speak with you.

Our AFC Urgent Care Denver Location Is…

  • Walk-in friendly
  • Open 7-days a week
  • In-network for most Colorado insurers
  • Open extended hours
  • Staffed by doctors and nurses

For a more in depth look at our onsite lab facility, and all the things we can test for please click here.