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Patient News!

Since I was little, I felt God leading me to places I have never been before. When I was 11 I took my first missions trip to the poorest third world country, at the time, Haiti. I went and God sealed my heart with compassion and a fiery hunger for The Nations of the earth to hear the Gospel.

About ten years have passed since then, but the same hunger has remained, and even grown. Recently I was given the opportunity over the summer of 2013 to take a missions trip to Brazil, our trip was directed by a YWAM staff member named, Fernando Dantas. We became pretty close friends within the two weeks and on the trip He shared with me about the DTS (Discipleship Training School) in Madrid.  I said I would consider it and pray about it, then on the plane ride back from Brazil I prayed, “Lord if you would like for me to do this DTS, provide the funds. Here I am send me. I will yield my plans for YOUR plans. Give me a sign that I should go to Madrid”.

As soon as we got to baggage claim at our final destination, a person who rode the plane back with us heard our team talking about our trip and came up to us and asked us if we could pray for her. My father spoke with her a little bit and shared with her that I was considering doing a DTS in Madrid. We ended up praying for her and then she said thank you, and asked me if I was fundraising for my trip. To which I replied yes too, and then she asked me if I was accepting donations and I said yes, and she handed me a business card and told me to send her a support letter.

Since that confirmation I have applied to the Discipleship Training School in Madrid, Spain and I have been accepted.  I left for Spain on September 24, 2013. I am taking off my final year of college at Montana State University-Northern, and putting all other distractions aside to intently focus on God for this season. I am coming up on the “great fork” in the road in my life where I have to make the big decision about what I want to do with the rest of my life. I have two main paths that I am considering, the first of which is a very promising future with a company called Kiewit. And the second path is full time ministry, whether that is missionary work, discipleship, preaching or a sweet symphony of all three.


The DTS is a program that train young people to Know God and make Him known.  It lasts 5 months divided into 2 parts. Lecture phase with 12 weeks of classes like: Evangelism, The Bible, Missions, Christian worldview, prayer and worship, etc. The Outreach Phase with 8 weeks of street evangelism, church seminars, discipleship, preaching, etc. The outreach will be divided into 2 parts, one around Spain and the other in another country (probably Morocco).


I’m starting a huge journey with the Lord and I want to invite you to be part with me in what God will do in my life and through my life.


The DTS costs 3,850.00 Euros (around $5,200.00 US) that includes housing and food for both phases and also tickets and all transportation for the outreach.

I’m looking for 10 people that would donate 520 dollars towards this course I’m taking. So I would like to invite you to pray about being part of this path God is taking me on, you can see how to send your donation below. If you can’t give the amount mentioned and still want to be a part of this trip, feel free to donate whatever God puts in your heart. Also I will need lots of prayer during this time, so please keep me in your prayers.


I have to meet a deadline by the end of November to pay my full fee, if you feel led to give please communicate with me as soon as possible so I can keep the accountant up to date on the amounts I have coming in.

Thank you very much for considering the participation with me of what God will be doing in the next months.


Blessings and if you have any question, please contact me.


In Christ,


Levi Rodriquez












If you need a tax deductible reciept you will have to send the money through YWAM, Fernando Dantas is willing to let me use his account. On the outside of the envelope please address it to:



PO BOX 3000

GARDEN VALLEY, TX 75771-3000


And Write the check to YWAM, and enclose a seperate note (it can be a sticky note) to WILSON FERNANDO DANTAS.  PLEASE DO NOT WRITE WILSON FERNANDO DANTAS ON THE CHECK.




For Updates please like my page at


For Questions please write me an email at


If you have an apple device with messages you can text me at

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