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Medical Outreach Missions

Each year, we head to Kabwe, Zambia to give under-served communities the care they deserve.


AFC Urgent Care Denver donates 5% of all income from our in-house medication sales to provide medical services for underprivileged communities in Kabwe, Zambia. 

Each year, AFC Urgent Care Denver travels to Kabwe, Zambia to provide medical care for under-served villages in the surrounding area. Our mission is to bring medical support, and more importantly hope, to rural communities where healthcare resources are extremely limited. 

Starting in 2019, AFC Urgent Care Cherry Creek, Speer, Denver Park Hill, and Denver Highlands locations will donate 5% of the income from our in-house medicine sales towards our annual cause. It is our way to continue providing medical services to our communities in Denver without asking for extra donations, while being able to give these villages in Kabwe the care they require. 

Clinical leaders at AFC Urgent Care Denver look forward to this trip as a way to promote the values of our organization to parts of the world that desperately need care:

Health Facts and Spending Statistics about Zambia

According to the
World Health Organization and the CDC

  • In the top 10 causes of death in Zambia include several preventable diseases such as lower respiratory infections, tuberculous, and diarrheal diseases. The leading causes of death in the country are neonatal disease and HIV/AIDs. 
  • The infant mortality rate in Zambia is 49/1000. In the U.S, that rate is 5/1000. 
  • Per person, Zambia spends roughly $194 on healthcare services. The U.S per capita spending on healthcare is over $10,000. 
  • Zambia spends about 5% of its entire GDP annually on healthcare services for the entire population. Comparatively, the United States spends approximately 17% or roughly $3.5 trillion each year.
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In the first day alone, our providers treated 160 patients in Kabwe, Zambia.


We expect to see even more. Your healthcare dollars at AFC Urgent Care Cherry Creek, Speer, Denver Park Hill, and Denver Highlands go towards friendly, convenient, and high-quality care as well as critical medical services in these villages. 

If you have more questions about our services or our trip, please contact any of our AFC locations. If you or your family members require urgent care and want to help make sure to schedule an appointment using the buttons below!

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