Now offering Rapid RSV testing at all our Urgent Care locations. Call for details.
Now offering COVID-19 and Flu A&B testing ALL-IN-ONE swab at all our locations. Same day PCR testing available at additional cost.
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COVID-19 Testing

AFC Urgent Care Denver Now Provides COVID-19 Testing At Your Car-Side

AFC Urgent Care Denver COVID-19 FAQs

Q: What is the cost of COVID-19 testing?

A: Most insurances are covering COVID-19 visit but the cost of the lab depends on your insurance plan and the type of test completed. Those requesting rapid testing may have to pay an additional $179 for the cash price of testing at the time of service. All send out labs will be determined by your insurance company and billed separately by the individual labs.

Q. Which urgent care centers in Denver offer COVID-19 testing near me? 

A: AFC Urgent Care Denver University Hills, AFC Denver Leetsdale, AFC Denver Speer, AFC Denver Park Hill, AFC Denver Highlands, and AFC Denver Cherry Creek all offer Rapid COVID testing, standard swab tests, and COVID-19 antibody testing. 

Q. What types of COVID-19 testing are available at AFC Urgent Care Denver locations? 

A: AFC Urgent Care Denver locations offer standard swab testing, COVID-19 antibody testing, and more recently Rapid COVID-19 Testing. Each type of test offers benefits to patients to determine their infection risk and immune response to the virus. 

Q: What insurances are accepted?

A: Most major insurance companies are covering the PCR testing and visits. Many of these insurances are not covering antibody or rapid antigen testing. Please contact your insurance for additional details regarding coverage per your insurance plan.

Q: How long does it take for COVID-19 test results?

A: COVID-19 Test results are usually available between 3 and 5 days from the date of your test. Some of these times may be extended due to the lab’s turnaround time. Rapid test results should be available in 15 to 20 minutes. 

Q: When should I be tested for COVID-19?

A: If you suspect recent exposure, allow at least 4 days to pass to determine if you are asymptomatic. If you start to experience symptoms, it is recommended to be tested 24 hours after your first symptom begins. To schedule a drive-up visit for COVID-19 testing, please visit Then choose “COVID-19 / Drive-up medical care” and follow the directions to choose your clinic location and time slot. If your desired time slot is not available, please look at future dates as our schedule may already be full on your selected day. We cannot test for COVID-19 through a telemedicine visit.

Q: How do I book a COVID-19 test?

A: To get a COVID-19 test, simply make an appointment for any of our Denver locations. Select the schedule appointment option and choose “COVID-19 / Drive-up medical care” to schedule your appt. if your desired time slot is not available, please look at future dates as our schedule may already be full on your selected day. We cannot test for COVID-19 through a telemedicine visit.

What is COVID-19 Testing? How does it work?

COVID-19 testing is the process of providing patients with vulnerabilities, pandemic risks, or other critical conditions with a safe test. Please consult our provider team for testing duration and how long it takes for your results to come back. In addition, COVID-19 testing is now available at AFC Denver Speer, AFC Denver Leetsdale, AFC Denver Cherry Creek, AFC Denver Highlands, and AFC Denver Park Hill/Park Hill! 

Any other urgent care needs can be addressed by our team via Car Side Urgent Care. However, patients will also need a special pre-screening before they are eligible for a COVID-19 test. Urgent care services like seasonal illness treatment and testing are available via car side services.

COVID-19 and Car-side medical care step by step process:

  • Both services are offered at all our locations
  • Choose a location to drive to
  • After you fill out the short registration, you will get a text message with a link to fill out your paperwork
  • Arrive at the clinic and park in a designated car-side medical care spot. 
  • No need to leave your car. Simply call us upon arrival and tell us your spot number
  • Our nurses will be coming to your car to take your swab.
  • Once paperwork is finished and you have been swabbed, you will get a call from our nurse staff  to go through your information and go over your medical history
  • At the end of the call with our nurse, you will receive a text that will connect you with the provider. 
  • As soon as your provider is ready to see you, you will receive a text to join a telemedicine call. Be sure you’re in an area with strong internet connection or Wi-Fi signal and stay near your device so that the visit can begin right when the provider connects.
  •  If your connection is lost, the provider will attempt to reconnect. If they aren’t successful, they will call you back at the phone number you provided.
  • We will send you a visit summary after your visit with notes from the provider on your treatment plan.

COVID-19 Standard Testing vs. Antibody Testing

covid19 antibody test afc denver

Standard COVID-19 testing is different than our COVID-19 Antibody Testing services in Denver. Standard testing detects the current infection of COVID-19 within a patient through a swab test. Antibody testing is used by providers to detect if patients have an immune response to the current virus. If you have any more questions please call us ahead for more information. 

Active infection swab test for COVID-19

  • Test that diagnoses an active COVID-19 infection 
  • Helpful for patients to make a decision about self-quarantining 
  • Patients with COVID-19 symptoms (flu-like sneezing, cough, fatigue, etc.) that were exposed to the virus in last 2-3 weeks should get swab testing
  • Works via a nasal or throat swab administered by a provider 
  • Requires appointment from a doctor to complete

COVID-19 Antibody Testing

  •  Test that diagnoses active or previous immunity to the COVID-19 virus
  • Helpful for patients to determine if they are ready to return to work or other activities
  • Patients that don’t have COVID-19 symptoms or believe they are asymptomatic for 10 days should get antibody testing. 
  • A provider uses a blood draw and sends it to a lab for analysis
  • A patient can book COVID-19 testing from any AFC Urgent Care Denver location or online.  

Find COVID-19 Swab Testing and COVID-19 Antibody Testing in Denver

AFC Urgent Care Denver offers five locations for COVID-19 swab testing and antibody testing. Patients in Glendale, Cherry Creek, Park Hill, Speer, and Leetsdale all have local access to testing services. Find your nearest location today and contact for more details about COVID-19 safety and prevention!


760 S. Colorado Blvd.
Denver, CO 80246

(303) 692 – 8000


3800 Irving St. Denver, CO 80211

(303) 477 – 6000


1295 Colorado Blvd.
Denver, CO 80206

(303) 639 – 1000


777 E Speer Blvd. Denver, CO 80203

(303) 733 – 4000


850 S Monaco Pkwy, Suite 10 Denver, CO 80203

(303) 935- 4000


3722 W. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80204.

(303) 477 – 6000


11310 E Colfax Ave.
Aurora, CO 80010.



2290 S Colorado Blvd
Denver, CO 80222

(303) 756-4500


3177 Downing Street
Denver, CO 80205


Telemedicine Access During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As patients continue to self-isolate, social distance, and work from home due to COVID-19, it is important to ensure there is available and safe healthcare options. That is why AFC Urgent Care Denver quickly implemented telemedicine to provide urgent care remotely. 

Maintaining social distancing and getting necessary healthcare services can be particularly difficult, since COVID-19 can travel rapidly in local communities. At AFC Urgent Care Denver, we’re here to provide urgent care from the comfort of your home as we go through the challenges of COVID-19 as a community.