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COVID-19 Statistics Updated for August 2021

Here are the most recent COVID-19 statistics for patients to help understand emergent risks, safety concerns, and other important COVID-19 information.

Despite several safety measures that are in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the United States recorded an exponential increase in the number of cases across the country. Currently, confirmed cases of COVID -19 have moved up to 38.524,389 with 631,134 deaths. A recent study identified 44 places that are at high risk of COVID-19.

As a result of this, there might be a need for a rapid COVID test to confirm your status if you are not vaccinated. This is because the risk of getting infected is extremely high in some regions.

The Areas That Are Highly Affected

Although the spread is across the United States, the South and West are the most affected regions with California, Texas, Florida, and New York having figures above two million cases. The implication of this is that the risk of infection in these states is really high. This prompted public health practitioners to advise the citizens to increase COVID testing.

As of August 29, data revealed that California recorded 13,072 cases per day, with Florida recording 21680 cases per day, Texas recorded 15,400 cases per day, and New York with 4,486 cases per day. Health professionals in urgent care centers emphasized the need to continue with all safety measures to reduce the risk of a high spread of the virus.

Among the highest risk places are Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Florida, which are the areas in COVID red zone. Residents in these counties should endeavor to adhere to stay-home orders. Accordingly, people in this region need rapid COVID test and contact tracing.

If it becomes necessary to step out of your home, always remember to use your mask and maintain social distance. Avoiding crowded places is ideal.

Reason Why You Need To Get Vaccinated?

Given the nature of the coronavirus and the rate at which it keeps spreading, an ideal way to prevent it is to go for vaccination. It reduces the risk of getting infected by boosting your immune system. However, it is important to get accurate vaccine information to get rid of common myths and rumors.

According to healthline, more than 100,000 US adults that are unvaccinated are victims of COVID-19, which could lead to an increased death rate in the country. This is preventable if the unvaccinated population can visit urgent care centers for more information on COVID-19 and prevention.

The COVID-19 pandemic does not seem to be leaving anytime soon. For this reason, it is necessary to be conversant with information about the virus and the most affected states. Getting detailed information from urgent care centers can help you take the right preventive measures. Also, COVID testing is very important in the heavily hit states, especially for people that are unvaccinated. Patients that need information about COVID-19 should consult their urgent care provider with more questions.

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