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Can I Book Urgent Care During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

urgent care exam room Denver
Even though COVID-19 is still a public threat, local urgent care centers can provide in-person care for many patients. Learn more about accessible urgent care options at AFC Urgent Care Denver locations.

Most patients top healthcare concern is the COVID-19 virus. Cases now total over 3.4 million across the United States with cases exploding in the South, Midwest, and along the western coast. However, rates of deferred in-person healthcare are also on the rise as patients try to navigate their potential options for injury treatment, checkups, and other provider visits.

Deferred care is the behavior of patients forgoing necessary medical due to a potential barrier to healthcare access. Usually, deferred care stems due to affordability, lack of patient insurance, transportation, and other similar factors. But the COVID-19 virus is now one of the most common reasons that patients actively defer necessary healthcare. Many are not sure if urgent care is open and if going to an in-person clinic is safe. The risk of infection is likely to alter a patient’s decision to get in-person care, which can be potentially dangerous for patients.

When a patient forgoes necessary medical care it can lead to worsened overall health and more expensive conditions to treat. Allow your healthcare needs to remain neglected results in significant financial and medical consequences.

The good news for patients is that AFC Urgent Care Denver provides local and nearby urgent care services for patients in Denver Speer, Denver Park Hill, Denver Highlands, Glendale, Cherry Creek, Leetsdale, and other Denver neighborhoods. If you need to book in-person urgent care today, then make sure you book an appointment online to get started!

Is Urgent Care Open for Non-COVID Care?

Urgent care centers are open for non-COVID care and patients should visit a nearby urgent care center to access medical providers quickly. Many patients remain unsure about the policies for in-person care and if they are safe to visit. Thankfully, AFC Urgent Care Denver provides a clean and sanitary setting for patients to get in-person care.

For example, not only do our providers offer drive-up urgent care for checkups and personal care, but our clinic maintains CDC-recommended policies for infection control, such as routine disinfection of surfaces, use of personal protective equipment, and enforcement of social distancing guidelines. Exam rooms at all local AFC Denver urgent care clinics are cleaned and maintained for every patient.

Follow up care from COVID quarantine

Patients that have stayed at home and supported infection control efforts with quarantine may need to determine the best type of in-person follow up care. At AFC Urgent Care Denver we can get you started with the following needs:

  • Injury Treatment and Triage
  • Illness Symptom Treatment
  • Lab Testing
  • Pre-employment exams and occupational health services
  • X-rays and imaging
  • Prescription and medication renewal


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