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Benefits of a Flu Shot in September

AFC Denver Speer measles vaccine at walk-in clinic

Getting your flu shot in September before flu season begins to peak may be the best healthcare decision you make this year. A little proactive planning on your end can help fight off the flu for the majority of flu season!

An early flu shot is one of the most effective ways each to prevent the flu from infecting you and your family during peak flu season. Unfortunately, many patients may skip out on getting a flu shot because they may feel they don’t have the time or schedule to get a flu shot. Skipping the flu shot can lead to a wide variety of consequences this flu season.

Without a flu shot, patients are more likely to miss several weeks of school, work, and major priorities due to the flu. The flu spreads extremely quickly during the fall and winter as a larger number of people stay in crowded public spaces together. So without a flu shot you’re more likely to get sick during your normal daily routine. 

The earlier a patient gets their flu shot the better they are protected against the latest influenza virus. Here are some of the main benefits of getting a flu shot early and remember that AFC Urgent Care Denver Locations provide accessible and affordable flu shots whenever you need them!

Earlier flu shots help your body increase flu-related immunity

Early flu shots allow patients to get the immunity their body will need before the flu season begins to peak. Sometimes, an early flu shot is the deciding factor between getting sick and staying healthy.

A flu vaccine usually takes between 1-2 weeks to help your body create immunity to the latest influenza virus. So by waiting for your flu shot, you could potentially cause your body to still get infected a few days after you get the vaccine. Instead of risking a potential infection, make sure you get your flu shot early! 

A delayed flu shot will not have nearly the same impact for you and your family’s immune systems as an early flu shot!

A walk-in clinic allows even the busiest patients to get a flu shot ASAP!

Walk-in clinics and similar urgent care centers provide a convenient and fast outlet for patients to get their latest flu shot. However, during the peak of flu season there may be longer-than-expected wait times for patients that need their flu shots. 

Instead of waiting for a usual backlog of flu shot patients, save yourself some time by first going to a local walk-in clinic. Just a few weeks earlier than normal can turn a 30 minute wait into a 10-15 minute visit! Generally, an urgent care center can help patients get their flu shot quickly, but it is way more beneficial for patients to get to their nearby walk-in clinic ASAP!

Early flu shots keep your and your family at ease during a potentially volatile flu season!

The most important benefit of getting an updated flu shot this season is that you and your family can get the peace of mind needed in order to enjoy all the fun festivities for fall! 

Don’t delay in getting your flu shot so that you won’t miss any fun seasonal activities, work, school, and personal days that you enjoy. If you have any questions about flu shot services and flu treatment, please contact any AFC Urgent Care Denver location!

Visit AFC Urgent Care Denver Park Hill for seasonal flu shots

Any patient that needs urgent care services and flu shots can always visit AFC Urgent Care Denver Park Hill for their flu shot!

Our medical staff is here to provide families of all sizes, backgrounds, and needs with flu shots as they need it. We proudly serve nearby communities including Hale, Chessman Park, and similar East Denver boroughs!

The sooner you visit AFC Urgent Denver Park Hill, or another one of our locations, the more protected you will be this flu season. There is no reason to delay since our walk-in clinics provide same-day appointments, fast medical care, and other urgent care services for patients!

Flu shots in September are easily the most effective way to prevent any major flu-related illness this season. You never know if the flu season will be as bad as last year, so make sure you get the vaccine right away!

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