Rapid COVID-19 testing available with appointments. Walk-ins for testing welcome at Leetsdale location only.

AFC Denver COVID-19 Outreach and Awareness

Follow AFC Urgent Care Denver's video updates and outreach to stay safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The provider team at AFC Urgent Care Denver understands that there is a lot of fear, confusion, and anxiety surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why Dr. Johnny Shen, the medical director at AFC Urgent Care Denver, and our provider team is here to provide simple and informative video updates about COVID-19. 

Listen to our medical experts as they continue to provide frequent and timely updates related to COVID-19 prevention, awareness, and containment. Many individuals and families continue to remain isolated in their homes, which makes day-to-day life extremely difficult. The AFC Denver team is also here to provide tips and updates related to managing seasonal illness needs such as sinus pain, urgent care, and other common healthcare needs. Below is a directory of our videos and brief summaries to help you find the information you need ASAP! 

Dr. Shen, Abeni, and Natalie: New Medical Services from AFC Denver

Dr. Johnny Shen is with Medical Assistants Abeni and Natalie to explain the new services offered by AFC Urgent Care Denver: COVID-19 testing, car-side medical care, and telemedicine! 

The new services allow our team to provide safe, sanitary, and convenient medical care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Patients need flexible, affordable, and accessible medical options while at home and when they absolutely need to leave their homes. Learn more and watch the video! 

Dr. Shen and Danielle: Why is AFC doing drive-thru/parking lot testing? - 3/24/2020

Dr. Johnny Shen and Danielle, a medical assistant at AFC Denver, is here to provide some context on how, and why, AFC Denver continues to operate. New policies and procedures allow our team to provide safe care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more in the video! 

Shen and Miller: Why is AFC doing drive-thru/parking lot testing? - 3/23/2020

Dr. Johnny Shen is here to provide a major update with P.A Derek Miller about COVID-19 testing and telemedicine! AFC Urgent Care Denver locations will provide COVID-19 parking lot testing to minimize contact for patients on a limited basis. We are also offering telemedicine to help diagnose and provide healthcare digitally! 

Dr. Shen and Dr. Black: Why are schools, public buildings closing for COVID-19?

Dr. Johnny Shen is back with Dr. Sonya Black to explain why schools and other public buildings are closing due to COVID-19. Dr. Black and Dr. Shen explain how this can help keep communities safe, promote self-quarantine, and reduce the impact of COVID-19. 

Learn more in the full video. 

Shen, Harsant, and Ralls: When to go to the emergency room - 3/20/2020

Dr. Johnny Shen is back with the assistance of AFC Denver providers, Physician Assistant Stewart Harsant and Nurse Practitioner Kevin Ralls, to talk about what kind of symptoms warrant a visit to the ER during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shen and Rosacci: How to take care of your symptoms - 3/19/2020

Dr. Johnny Shen and AFC Urgent Care’s Dr. Lee Rosacci help provide patients with at-home remedies and supportive care techniques to stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Make sure to keep following AFC Urgent Care Denver’s provider updates to stay ahead of COVID-19! 

Dr. Shen and Julie Greenwood: COVID-19 Testing FAQs

Dr. Johnny Shen and AFC Urgent Care’s Nurse Practitioner, Julie Greenwood, explain why AFC Urgent Care Denver is not testing for COVID-19. Dr. Shen and Julie are here to help guide patients to the appropriate resources for testing as well as how to responsibly prevent the spread of the virus. Stay informed with more provider updates! 

Dr. Shen - How to distinguish seasonal illness symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic

After AFC Denver reached out to our patient populations about COVID-19 and seasonal illnesses, Dr. Shen wanted to help patients distinguish symptoms of the common cold and flu. COVID-19 presents similar symptoms as a cold or the flu, which means that patients need to effectively self-screen their symptoms. 

Watch the video to learn more! 

Dr. Shen - COVID-19 Pandemic Updates in the U.S

Dr. Johnny Shen reached out to our patients to explain novel developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic as news about U.S cases continued to climb. Watch the video to learn about how the coronavirus initially spread. 

Dr. Shen - Initial COVID-19 Update for Patients

Dr. Johnny Shen, the medical director for AFC Urgent Care Denver, has been following the COVID-19 pandemic since its origins. Learn from Dr. Shen about the initial findings and how the virus spread from Wuhan, China to the United States.