ANTIBODY TESTING available at CHERRY CREEK, HIGHLANDS, and PARK HILL locations. FREE with a doctor’s visit.
Pre-travel testing for the state of Hawaii is available with NEXT DAY results at ALL of our locations while supplies last.
Walk-ins and Telemedicine visits accepted at all urgent car for non-COVID visits.

Month: June 2014

Does Your Medical Issue Need to Be Treated By a Specialist?

Whenever a medical issue arises, your first impulse may be to call an ambulance or rush to an emergency room for treatment. However, if the medical problem you are having treated is not particularly serious, you may be wasting both time and money: the typical emergency department visit costs, on average, $1,500, and can often …

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Should You Go to the ER?

When you have a medical problem requiring immediate care, your first impulse is likely to find a primary care physician. But when your doctor’s office is closed, where do you turn? This confusion is quite common, and can actually have a negative affect on a community as a whole by filling up emergency rooms with …

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